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A notary must perform the notary's official duties with integrity, diligence, and
 skill.  The notary's duty is not confined to the one to whom the notary
 directly renders service, but it extends to all persons who may be
 affected by the Notary's act.
66 C.J.S Notaries 26 Duties
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Hawaii Law Summary
New 2020 laws to be incorporated
into a new Hawaii law Summar by the NNA
will be included here when available.  

Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS)

Massive changes have been made to Hawaii's Notary Laws and the full list will be published here when available. 

Hawaii Administrative Rules (HAR)
Chapter 11 Notaries Public
HAR 5-11 will also be revised to incorporate the new law changes. 

Sections are designated as "HAR 5-11-#"
HAR 5-11 will appear in the revised
 Hawaii Law Summary 
when available. 


The Notary Public Manual is not law and while it actually quotes Hawaii law in many places it often combines different sections together and fails to cite the actual laws it is quoting. 
Notary Public 
Code of Professional Responsibility 
Published by the National Notary Association
Referred to as the "Code," this set of ethical imperatives is law in Hawaii as specified in HAR 5-11-3 Conduct.
All statutes (HRS) and rules (HAR & the Code) referenced below constitute the written law that governs Hawaii Notarial Practice and Hawaii Notaries must know and follow these laws.
The I.D. forms below are NOT acceptable identification for the purpose of notarization in HAWAII.
If you accept these types of I.D. for the purpose of notarization you will have compromised the integrity of the entire
 transaction and put yourself and all parties to the transaction at risk, including the risk of losing your commission.

Active Duty Military CAC (Common Access) Cards which is also issued to military contractors or other civilian employees.  This I.D. is not acceptable because it doesn't contain the visible required for acceptable I.D. 

New form of Green Card / Permanent Resident Card which also no longer has the signature of the holder of the card visible on the card. 

U.S. Passport Card which also does not have a signature of the holder of the Passport.
This video discusses why Kinkos stopped providing Notary Services.  Also, is an example of how EMPLOYERS of Notaries can be jointly liable if their Notary-Employee breaks the law.